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Submission + - Virginia Tech Wins the 2010 Solar Decathlon ( 3

formaggio writes: The winners to the 2010 Solar Decathlon were just announced minutes ago, and the winner is Virginia Tech for their solar-powered Lumenhaus. The Solar Decathlon is a design-build competition that pits engineering and architecture college teams against each other to see who can build the most energy-efficient solar house. Considering that German teams have triumphed at the U.S. Solar Decathlon for three years running now, this is a big deal and a great victory for the Virginia Tech team, who competed with the same house in last year's competition and were beaten out by a German team in 2009.
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Virginia Tech Wins the 2010 Solar Decathlon

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  • I've seen cement block U-Rent storage sheds that were easier on the eye than this.
    • The pictures (especially on the front page of that article) don't do it justice. You should see it at [] night [].

      Although I do understand that not everyone appreciates cold/modern design as I do.

      • Looking at only the picture on the front of that article, though, I agree that it doesn't look as great during the daytime, but I think the way it looks at night makes up for what it's lacking during the day.

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