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An anonymous reader writes: I've been thinking of getting a sleeve of math and science tattoos for quite a while now. With the money saved up, the only question remaining is, what equations/ideas should I get? I know for certain that I'm going to include some of Maxwell's equations, and definitely Ohm's Law. So, if you were going to put a tribute to the great math and science minds on your body forever, which ones would you choose?
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Tattoos for the Math and Science Geek

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  • From the top of my head, I'd say the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus is a must have. And to add some fun you could add some sort of reference to the differences between Descartes' and Leibniz's nomenclature.
    My 2^1 cents

  • Try for something that looks good on it's own merits, while maintaining a subtle connection to mathematics. Perhaps a design based on the Golden Rectangle? I would suggest an image of the Mandlebrot Set, but I understand that they take just forever to apply.
    • by H3xx ( 662833 )

      I got a tattoo of a logic circuit diagram of a binary full adder on my inner right forearm. For me, it holds a lot of meaning, as it represents the point in time when electricity first started to be able to unlock the doors of imagination and bring about the Information Age.

      It's interesting to see what peoples' reactions to it are; most people are confused by it, but I have met some people who can recognize that it's a logic circuit, but can't identify it, and a couple of people I've met recognize instantly

  • Difficult to write it nicely here but you will get it I am sure... eiPi+1=0 Euler identity that shows all the most important numbers: e (neperian log) i imaginary number Pi no comment 1 and 0 also you have in here an addition, a multiplication and a number raised at the power This formula is just beautiful... Go for it...
  • Yes, I'd try to fit in Maxwell's equations, and something that included transcendental numbers e and pi, maybe what M4DMojO suggested, or merely the ln x and e relationship in some form. Another one that looks good, and resonates with natural beauty is the equation for a catenary, I think it is based on the arcsin. If you go through with getting the tattoos, please tell us what you chose. It would be nice to see some photos too!
    • I have always been partial to the golden spiral myself. Or you could see how many digits of PI you could fit around your arm that way you could stop when you run out of arm or money.

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