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Submission + - Geek franchises that changed everything ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: With Avatar taking more than $2.7 billion in box office receipts, science fiction is one of the entertainment industry's biggest money earners. But it wasn't always that way. Since the 1982 release of Tron which was the first game that made more in auxiliary sales than in the film itself, entertainment franchises have become big business. This list of the top ten geek entertainment franchises includes some of the most groundbreaking and enduring, from movies (2001) to games (Halo, Warcraft) and TV (Red Dwarf). Amidst all of them, the influence of Star Trek is undeniable. The show broke many boundaries in TV, it was ground-breaking in its themes, and then followed up by some excellent spin-offs such as Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. It basically underwrote the slash fiction, created a language, Klingon, and has had eleven films based on the franchise.
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Geek franchises that changed everything

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  • I am surprised that this didn't make the list. It doesn't get much geekier than D&D, and D&D had a massive impact on geek culture, whether you like the game or not. I'm amazed this could have been missed while WarCraft was mentioned instead (which certainly owes a lot to the D&D franchise, including inspiring earlier MUDs that led to MMRPGs). D&D pretty much invented the entire concept of an RPG game, and so many concepts have been borrowed in other games. In fact, RPG-elements are nearl

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