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Xbox 360 "Slim" Eats Discs

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  • Ugh. I just noticed that I mispelled "maybe" in the story summary. Now I feel like I have lysdexia.
  • would you tip your PC onto its side while it was reading from a CD? Would you be surprised if your CD, or your hard drive, were destroyed as a result?

    • I think the lesson here is that it's kind of stupid for Microsoft not to have used some type of disc stabilization or even lens stabilization technology. Tech that has been used in 20 year old car cd players and walkmans. Granted, slamming your Xbox or computer around isn't advisable in any situation, but the guy in the video wasn't being rough with the system. All he did was lift one end up to about 45 degrees. That should not cause the type of damage seen in the video, unless there is absolutely no disc s
      • I'd like to add in my opinion of "this is not a problem." When do you need (or want) to move the console while the disk is moving? You don't. Yes, this technology is present in cars and walkmans, but there's a major difference: those devices are expected to be in motion. Micosoft doesn't need to invest in stabilization because the console is stationary.
        • Most PC drives are able to deal with motion. I have full confidence in my laptop's drive withstanding a few shocks or being turned on its side. Really, a few small pieces of foam are all that's needed, and are in common usage, especially in the more mobile devices. I believe such tech used in the Wii, and I think the PS3 as well, but I haven't actually looked.

          The 360 has always had problems with this, from day one. While not as well-known as the Red Ring of Death, it's a known issue that Microsoft apparentl

          • keyword: laptop. Again, a device which is expected to be in motion. The solution has always been "why the fuck would you do that?" And I've yet to hear any reason.

            • But the 360 isn't just chewing discs while moving violently. It's doing it while being slowly tilted. About five-ten degrees per second is enough to trash discs, which is not a "shock".

              Why would you do it? Wired controllers can pull a system about easily. You might want to move the console when putting in a memory card, especially if it's on the floor. With Kinect, you just know somebody's going to bump into the console unless it's put inside a home-entertainment center. Many people don't, either because th

              • Memory Card? Wired Controllers? Neither of those apply to the 360. Yeah, some jackass might accidentally kick their console while using Kinect, but I'd say that would count as a shock, and yes I don't consider it a design flaw if my electronics break when I accidentally kick them.

                • FYI the 360 does, in fact, have mem cards and wired controllers. They aren't necessary, sure, but they're far from uncommon.

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