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An anonymous reader writes: Last week, news that Costa Rica was shutting down a large stem cell clinic sparked a debate here on Slashdot about whether patients should be allowed to take the risks that come with untested treatments. Now comes news of what can happen when patients go looking for a shortcut. A patient suffering from an autoimmune disease that was destroying her kidneys went to a Bangkok clinic, where doctors injected her own adult stem cells into her kidneys. Now she's dead, and a postmortem revealed that the sites of injection had weird growths — "tangled mixtures of blood vessels and bone marrow cells." Researchers say the treatment almost certainly killed her.
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Stem Cell Tourist Dies From Treatment in Thailand

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  • So what? She was dying anyway. I hate it when politicians insert themselves between patients and their doctors. It is one thing to check for fraud and it's quite a different thing to tell patients and doctors, "You can't think for yourselves; Big Daddy knows better. It does not matter what you know, how much you understand situation and what your desires are. We will make your decisions for you whether you want it or not." It's one thing to provide information and offer help. It's quite different to prevent

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