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eggboard writes: After examining the WWDC video and talking to two veteran Wi-Fi experts, it seems likely that the iPhone 4 has a Wi-Fi driver flaw that was part of the trouble in making a network connection during Steve Job's WWDC keynote. The other problem was the massive congestion caused by so many independent access points. (Congestion may have triggered the iPhone 4's troubles, too.) With mobile hotspots proliferating on phones and in portable devices like the MiFi, we're going to see more trouble in the future.
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iPhone 4 May Have Wi-Fi Driver Fault

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  • This speculation is just silly. I can tell you as someone who was actually there that the Wi-Fi signals across the board were saturated, and connection difficulties over Wi-Fi were the norm in the Moscone hall. Jobs' iPhone 4 was hardly the only device to have connection issues. To speculate there's a driver issue in the iPhone 4 under those circumstances -- and from watching a video of the event -- is an incredible leap, IMHO.

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