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Submission + - Use of "A" accounts in large environments

fatboy77 writes: As part of a team that supports ~1600 servers I have been charged with a task to find a way to grant admin access to the environment to team members that are spread across the world. One item that we are considering is the use of "A" accounts, that is a seperate account that is used by each team member that has elevated access to the environment. Each team member would maintain a standard user account that would be used for email, internet, and general activities, but for activities that require admin access to the servers they would each have an "A" account wich would be the same as there standard account with an A at the end of it and a separate password that is changed on a shorter schedule than there standard account.

I am wondering how other companies are handleing this type of situation.
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Use of "A" accounts in large environments

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