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Submission + - EFF:Quash Subpoena in Mass Filesharing Suit (

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: In the new mass filesharing suit brought in Washington DC on behalf of a filmmaker, Achte/Neunte v Does 1-2094, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Citizen, and two ACLU organizations have filed an amicus curiae brief supporting a motion by Time Warner to quash the subpoena. The brief (PDF) further argues that the case be dismissed against all but one 'John Doe', and that in any subsequent lawsuits, the plaintiffs be required to establish a jurisdictional basis for bringing the action in that court, that they be enjoined not to engage in improper joinder, and that they be required to establish to some extent the merits of their claim. EFF commented: 'We've long been concerned that some attorneys would attempt to create a business by cutting corners in mass copyright lawsuits against fans, shaking settlements out of people who aren't in a position to raise legitimate defenses and becoming a category of 'copyright trolls' to rival those seen in patent law'.
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EFF:Quash Subpoena in Mass Filesharing Suit

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