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Submission + - Skype App Updated: 3G Calling on the iPhone Enable (

silverpig writes: Skype has just announced that an updated version of its iPhone app has been released to the app store and now allows calling over 3G.

While this functionality has been available on the iPhone since a January update to the SDK, and while other apps such as Fring have enabled 3G VOIP calling through their apps, Skype has been noticeably absent from the VOIP over 3G landscape. Until today.

Included in the app update are some UI tweaks and a call quality indicator to help you predict what your VOIP over 3G call quality will be like.

Most interesting in the announcement is the suggestion that while skype-to-skype over 3G will be free for 2010, skype is investigating pricing options and may charge for it in 2011. This could lead to smartphones being sold with data only + skype plans.

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Skype App Updated: 3G Calling on the iPhone Enable

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