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Submission + - Coming Out For Geeks? 4

An anonymous reader writes: I'm a young (late teens) guy, and I recently came to terms with begin gay. I want to come out eventually, and I wanted to probe Slahdotters' experiences for the best way to do it. In addition, I'd like to know if coming out ruins a nerd's fragile social life, as most of the other nerds I know are male and heterosexual.
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Coming Out For Geeks?

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  • Well first off, congrats. That’s a really big step to have taken and you deserve kudos for it.

    As you haven’t given your exact age I’m going to assume you’re around 17 odd, just before college at the very least. In my experience, as a late 20’s guy myself, a fair number of people wait until college before making any kind of step towards coming out. I’ve posted a few links at the bottom there for your general review but the thing that stood out most to me when I was in y
  • A little google magic found http://gaygeeks.org/ [gaygeeks.org] which could be another useful resource.
  • And again since you're not allowed to edit old comments... Maybe check out http://www.gaygamer.net/ [gaygamer.net] - I'm assuming you're somewhat into the whole gaming scene as that's pretty much a pre-req for taking any levels in geek these days. Long and short of it, think it through, do it slow, and be who you are.
  • Seems like Slashdot's already outed you, even when you're posting as anonymous. This submission shows up on your comment history.

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