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Submission + - Intel targets AMD with affordable unlocked CPUs ( 3

EconolineCrush writes: For years, AMD has catered to gamers and enthusiasts with mid-range Black Edition processors whose unlocked multipliers make overclocking easy. Intel has traditionally reserved unlocked multipliers for its ultra-expensive Extreme CPUs, but it has now brought the feature to affordable models that compete directly with AMD's most popular processors. The Core i5-655K and Core i7-875K have two and four cores, respectively, and they're priced at just $216 and $342. It appears that both will easily hit speeds in excess of 4GHz with air cooling. Surprisingly, even at stock speeds, the i7-875K offers better performance and power efficiency per dollar than just about any other desktop CPU out there.
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Intel targets AMD with affordable unlocked CPUs

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  • AMD does the same?
    • AMD has had reasonably priced chips with unlocked multipliers for a long time now. I've bought at least three AM2/+ chips in the last several years, and I can't recall a single one that wasn't either a Black Edition or one that was over $200. Conversely, I also cannot recall an Intel chip I've purchased in the same time period that was neither unlocked nor below $200. So to answer your knee-jerk question, AMD has been doing that for years.

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      • Sir, please turn your card in :p

        Seriously, My next build will probably be Intel (quad i7, and 100% OS X compatible hardware), but since I'm typing this on a AGP Athlon X2 4200+ (s939), The machine will last a pretty long time :)

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