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Submission + - Canadian Gov Introduces Patriot Act Style Bill ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The Canadian government quietly introduced its own Patriot Act yesterday, with privacy law reforms that are marketed as improving the current law but represent a major step backward. The bill would block organizations for disclosing disclosures to law enforcement to the affected individuals and it would give businesses broad new rights over workplace privacy. In return, Canadians get a security breach disclosure law that only kicks in with significant harm (as judged by the business) and without any penalties for non-disclosure.
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Canadian Gov Introduces Patriot Act Style Bill

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  • Canadian Patriot Act, Canadian DMCA, etc... It's a shame that we can't even summon enough effort to name our own misguided Draconian legislation. Next up: "search and replace" function used to change all US references to Canada on US bills. I vote for giving the Privacy Commissioner a veto. From what I can tell, Jennifer Stoddart is the only competent person currently holding office.

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