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Submission + - Texas schools to get controversial syllabus (bbc.co.uk)

Pax681 writes: the BBC have a story about how Texas are now changing their syllabus to what might be termed as a very paranoid stance with regards to the UN

Also in the changes will be how the founding Fathers never really intended to separate church and state up to and uncluding

And Thomas Jefferson has been dropped from a list of enlightenment thinkers in the world-history curriculum, despite being one of the Founding Fathers who is credited with developing the idea that church and state should be separate.

now i am Scottish but as i recall a fair few of the founding father were not religious at all and their intent was VERY much to separate church and state after seeing the mess it had helped make in Europe and elsewhere

apparently this is to "redress liberal bias" in the education.

thoughts gents?

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Texas schools to get controversial syllabus

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