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arminw writes: I did not know where to reply, but hope that some human eyes will read this at Slashdot and maybe, just perchance, hopefully do something about the broken moderation system.

Compared to the suicide rate in China... (Score:0, Troll)
by stephentyrone (664894) Alter Relationship on Friday May 21, @02:17PM (#32299170)
The factory in question supposedly employs 400,000 workers. The annual suicide rate in China (as reported by the WHO) is 16.7 per 100,000 people. That means that in a population of randomly selected Chinese the size of the factory workforce, we should expect to see 400000 people * 16.7 suicides/(100000 people * 1 year) * 5 months / 12 months = 27.8 suicides so far this year.

Can we conclude that assembling shiny gadgets makes it less likely that one will commit suicide? It meets the standards for publication...


Here is an example how the Slashdot moderation system is totally broken. Obviously, the moderator disagrees with a rational presentation of a mathematical fact. I suppose though, that as long as the site gets enough hits, to make advertisers happy, nothing will be done about it.

Because of this screwed up moderation system, I too have been moderated into oblivion by those trolls who disagree with me. If the people that run the site really cared about objective fact filled posting or free speech in general, they would fix this glaring shortcoming of this site. However since they are a business, like any other business, the biggest consideration is the bottom line. Truth and justice are never considered.
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Taiwan Suicide Rate

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