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Submission + - Apple: Your Credit is Good but Cash is Not (sfgate.com) 3

An anonymous reader writes: Apple wants your money — just not the paper kind as one Bay Area woman discovered recently while trying to buy an iPad.

Diane Campbell, who is disabled on a fixed income, saved up enough cash for an iPad, according to ABC7 consumer reporter Michael Finney. She was about to plunk down $600 greenbacks at the Palo Alto Apple store for the new tablet computer when she was reportedly told the store would not accept cash. Stunned, she walked away iPad-less and with a backpack full of cash.

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Apple: Your Credit is Good but Cash is Not

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  • Apple is doing this for the sole purpose of obtaining the confirmed name of all the people that purchase their items. That is an invasion of our privacy. We should have the legal right to not give people private information and your name is the most private information you can have, at least for the purchase of a legal, unregulated product The fact that they are doing it to catch you doing things they want you to do (and built into a contract) is irrelevant. This is the new privacy invasion - where comp
  • Maybe they just didn't want to accept $600 in singles? Or pennies?
  • So Apple is willing to take a 2.5% hit just to ensure nobody buys more than X. How sad and pathetic their "Iron" grip is getting.

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