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Submission + - Can I Make Slashdot Show More Than 250 Comments? 1

peipas writes: Recently when viewing Slashdot I've noticed that if I leave a comment my comment does not appear upon refreshing the article's discussion. Upon further review and this happening multiple times, including my making comments that are redundant I have discovered Slashdot is now limiting my discussion viewing to 250 comments and I need to click "more" to see the full conversation. How can I restore the full view without needing to remember that extra click each time and seeming like a fool if I don't? How can people possibly contribute intelligently to Slashdot's main appeal, discussion, if it's not presented in full by default? My girlfriend tells me Facebook makes changes like this all the time.
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Can I Make Slashdot Show More Than 250 Comments?

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  • I hope this gets reverted. I have been browsing Slashdot since the late 90s, probably the 4-digit era, and this is the first time I've considered no longer visiting the site.

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