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Submission + - Canada’s Proposed DMCA Style Law a Slippery (

mat72 writes: Right now our government is attempting to reform our Copyright Laws under pressure from American Entertainment Lobbyists. How does this help the average Canadian citizen? I dunno, but the law will undoubtedly hurt independent artists and other small content creators alike. Gone will be the days where you can freely send your digital creation (whether it be music, a video, or videogame) to the masses with ease.

It could be argued that we’d always have the choice of other more open products, but it just won’t be the same. The entrainment industry will distribute content exclusively on devices locked down tighter than a duck’s arse. As a result, very few will invest in open alternatives, thus driving up the costs of these other options. Indie artists and developers will be required to jump hoops, and pay various fees in order to have the “honor” of distributing their own creations.

Apple is the prime example. I recently developed a game for Apple’s iPhone, which was rejected, as they thought it was “objectionable.” The problem is they don’t have strict guidelines as to what is, and what is not appropriate. It seems to depend on personal opinions, or how much money I have (ie less then Rockstar Games). Without Apple’s approval, my creation is locked out from anyone ever getting a hold of it. Well unless I release it for jailbroken iPhones. Under these proposed copyright laws, it would become illegal for anyone to unlock full functionality of their digital device. Apple has been known to censor content from creators in the past, including Mark Fiore – a Pulitzer Prize winner. Personally, I don’t need any corporation trying to act like my mother and making ambiguous moral choices for me. Though, I’m glad to say my mother was never an unfair, pretentious, uptight bitch either.

These laws will only protect the pockets of corporations and people who make money off the backs of talented artists and content producers. It’ll mean that the individuals with the real talent will have to pay in one way or the other, to the agents, distributors, lawyers, fluffers, etc,.. How far will it go? Would a person playing at an open mike night have to pay royalties because his/her music has a sound similar to some big shot singer? Will musicians require constant consults with their lawyers for every little decision they make?

Entertainment is not a necessity of life, and it’s a gazillion dollar industry. They can take care of it themselves. We, the citizens of Canada, do not want you, our elected government, to waste our tax dollars on throwing kids (or juvenile adults) in jail for the “Entertainment” industry nor do we want you invading our online privacy for the “Entertainment” industry. Shit, we barely want our privacy invaded in the name of Terrorism. Go enact some laws to protect the ones who need it. Maybe something that punishes executives who receive bonus after destroying the lives of their employees whose pensions they squandered.

Check out Michael Geist’s blog at for more information including what you can do to help prevent this law from seeing the light of day.

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Canada’s Proposed DMCA Style Law a Slippery

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