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Submission + - Bank of America Alerts

An anonymous reader writes: When I received my new Bank of America card in the mail, my phone had just died, and was awaiting a replacement phone. I thought I would activate my card online, back in March. Within the first 2 weeks I received countless alert emails from them. I signed in, and turned off, every alert I could find. The emails slowed down, but I was still getting 2-3 every single month. I contacted them via their chat, they sent me to a PDF manual on how to turn off the alerts. But sadly, the pdf screenshots, looked nothing like my screen, I didn't even have some of the menu options that were pointed out. Was told there are technical issues at times (not sure how that changes a screen). I had to call them on the phone, where a rep assured me she had made sure all my settings were changed, and said she fixed everything. To this day, i still get 2-3 emails from them. I ended up finally changing my email address on their server to something that is aliased to /dev/null . Has anyone ever been able to get out of receiving BoA alerts?
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Bank of America Alerts

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