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Submission + - Github Begins to Support Subversion 1

AndrewBabkin writes: Github became especially important to us, as we started publishing parts of our project under the AGPLv3 license. On April 1 of this year, Github announced that it would support Subversion in the "read only" mode for its repositories. Initially, I thought that it was an April Fool's joke. Now, however, I see that they've announced support of the "write" mode as well.

It would appear that Github is vying for a leading position by attracting an audience that may be a bit tired of Subversion but isn't necessarily ready to embrace Git. It's not likely that users who are currently using Github with Git would switch to Subversion. But with this move, even avid fans of Google code may think about switching to Github. The set of tools for Subversion remains unchanged, so trying Git may be a natural and even tempting next step.

The authorization process utilizes the standard username/password credentials for Github (not keys!). The path to Subversion looks as follows:

The code is available via Git as well as Subversion with some limitations:
- there are still some issues related to management and use of Subversion (which is quite understandable);
- you cannot checkout parts of a repo (such as subdirectories) or branches other than the default branch on GitHub (yet);
- you currently have to have a 'master' branch;
- annotations and some types of diffs still won't work properly yet;
- at this time, Subversion is considered to be in its beta testing stage.

So what does the future look like? SorceForge supports Git, even though the whole thing works disappointingly slowly. Now it would appear that Github is also moving in the direction of supporting Mercurial. Things are looking more interesting every day.
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Github Begins to Support Subversion

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