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Submission + - What's up with Slashdot?

macinnisrr writes: I have been reading slashdot loyally since 2000, and several times per day during most of that timespan. I'm wondering why the quality of the site itself has become so "bizarre" lately (to be nice). When I read stories on the front page from within firefox on ubuntu (which I'm sure is the same firefox MOST slashdot users are using, at least judging by comments), I am continually irritated by the fact that I have to click on "yesterday's news" to read news which came out earlier today. I thought for a while that perhaps it was a timezone issue, but alas, I am continually confronted by articles labelled as having been written on a Friday for instance, which I can confirm because I read them then, which only show up If I click through to, for instance, Wednesday's posts (it is always different and follows no logic that I can discern). The strange part of this particular problem is that Slashdot seems to work fine (at least in this respect) in IE8 (although I only ever use this on other people's computers or at the library).

Bear in mind I still love this site, but with slashdot's linux/oss slant, why is it that I can only enjoy it correctly on a proprietary browser? The strangest thing of all is that when I tried to file this complaint in the standard "contact" section that is a part of every other website I am a member of, I could not find it. I realize there probably is a link for such a thing, but why is it hidden away, or in fact anywhere other than in the header or footer of the site? Even after wanting to calmly complain to a private address (not in an article submission which may appear for all to see, as I prefer to keep criticisms private). I was dumbfounded to not be able to (easily at least, or perhaps with no regard to web convention), ascertain how long I had been a member of this site, as I would like to have included that in the first sentence of this post.

As this is a problem I have been dealing with for quite some time now, I must mention that I would never have brought it up if not for the last straw today, namely that after I had logged in to respond to a post I was returned to slashdot's home page. This is a behavior I have dealt with on many sites throughout the years, but never before on slashdot.

I suppose if this is indeed an article then it must be placed in "ask slashdot", in which case I wonder: am I the only one growing increasingly infuriated with my beloved "news for nerds"?

In spite of it all, keep up the good work, DickMacInnis.com
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What's up with Slashdot?

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