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The Internet

Submission + - What did people do on the internet before the Web? (quezi.com) 3

ribuck writes: "The web wasn't invented until 1989, and didn't really catch on until 1993 when the Mosaic browser was released. But the internet is much older than the web. So how did people use the internet in the good old pre-web days? There was email, of course, and FTP, and also a bunch of other interesting protocols. If HTTP and HTML hadn't come along, we might just have enhanced Gopher instead. Many of the pre-web protocols are still in active use, but sometimes it's only nostalgia that keeps them going. Try typing finger seth@swoolley.org at the command line to see how blogging works using steam technology."
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What did people do on the internet before the Web?

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  • by habig ( 12787 )

    The bulk of net.traffic pre-http was Usenet. Three guesses and the first two don't count on what the major volume hog of usenet was.

    (hint - alt.binaries. ...)

    Some things never change!

  • We used it to play nettrek.

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