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Submission + - Google: one in four countries block our services (

Barence writes: Google claims 25 of the 100 countries where it offers services block its products in one form or another. While the firm admitted countries such as China represented the “most polarising example” of internet restrictions, it also named several European and democratic nations that restrict content. “Our policy is to comply with the laws of these democratic governments — for example, those that make pro-Nazi material illegal in Germany and France — and remove search results from only our local search engine,” said a spokesperson. Google said it was revealing these figures due to the large rise in internet censorship around the world. It highlighted recent statistics from the Open Net Initiative, which claims the number of countries censoring the internet has risen from four in 2002 to 40 in 2010, with nations such as China and Saudi Arabia being the worst offenders.
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Google: one in four countries block our services

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