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Submission + - Debate: Is traditional Operations obsolete now? (

Lord Straxus writes: There's a debate going on over at InfoQ right now which revolves around the role of Operations in modern software development teams, whether traditional Operations teams have been obsoleted by the cloud and developers doing ops tasks, or whether there's still a place for all those DBAs and sysadmins. Choice quotes include:

- "to put it bluntly, when my app is deployed in a cloud, who needs Ops?"
- "it seems as if folks expect systems in the cloud to manage themselves, which is a mistake"
- "Extrapolating that logic, I would contend the development team should be doing the company accounting because software developers are good with numbers"
- "Most ops people are not developers, cannot read code and would not be able to track down a problem whose root cause was buried within the application layer"
- "Why is Ops penalized for missing an SLA target if the failure was not related to faulty infrastructure or processes, but failing code?"
- "change is bad for operations, while software development *is* change"
- "I have been in operations for over 30 years and you will never hear me advocate the elimination of operations. However, I think as industry operations needs to clean up and man up"
- "'Ops > Dev' is the common case in enterprises where operations puts a hold on everything developers do out of fear & risk control. 'Dev > Ops' is a pipe dream where developers are the new operators"
- "In short, and this may be painful for some to hear, many aspects of operations are being automated through programming and are less necessary. That's not to say there is no need for dedicated operations positions, but that they are changing their nature to higher level tasks"

Seems like a pretty good discussion is going on!

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Debate: Is traditional Operations obsolete now?

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