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Submission + - L2Ork on Tour, Reaches out to K-12 Education

Agram writes: "Following its debut in December 2009 (video, audio, original Slashdot story, Linux Journal cover story), Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork) has branched out into K-12 education by spawning its first ultra-affordable satellite orchestra. On April 17th 5th graders from the Boys & Girls Club of Roanoke, VA will join L2Ork in rocking it out on Virginia Tech (VT) campus. As if seeing a bunch of kids make music by flailing Wiimotes in front of networked Ubuntu notebooks and "ladybug" hemi speakers made out of salad bowls weren't exciting enough, on April 20th thirteen VT l2orkists, many of whom had never seen or used Linux before in their life, will embark on their maiden Midwest tour with stops in Cincinnati, Carbondale (IL), and Indianapolis. Unlike the long-standing stereotype, for a l2orkist Linux is ready to leave the dark corners of a server room and step into the very spotlight of contemporary arts and education."
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L2Ork on Tour, Reaches out to K-12 Education

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