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Submission + - Microsoft Introduces 'Kin' Social Phones 3

adeelarshad82 writes: Microsoft has introduced two new phones for Verizon Wireless called "Kin," which are designed to appeal to social-networking focused teens and twenty-somethings. The Kin One and Kin Two, which were formerly known by the codename "Pink," are both sliding phones with hardware keyboards. The Kin One is a small vertical slider, while the Kin Two is a bigger, horizontal slider. The phone is called Kin because it knits together & kindred spirits. Kin phones helps young people communicate with different circles of friends, whether they be their closest dozen friends, hundreds of acquaintances, or celebrities they follow on Twitter.
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Microsoft Introduces 'Kin' Social Phones

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  • Live coverage of the launch event here [daemonnews.org]. Complete with howler quotes like, "'It's the phone you use to be the first to comment on somebody's photo,' he [Robbie Bach] said. It's not just good for teens; it's also good for parents, he insists."

    Sure looks like a phone for tweens.
    • What I dont get is why would MS have 2 different phone platforms.. First Windows 7 Phone VIsta Extra Cheese Edition, or what ever the name was and now the Kin.. wtf? MS should just have 1 and go with it. I was hoping they would introduce another smarthphone competitor, but now that they have 2 platforms I doubt any of it will be competing among the best (or most popular).
      • by McBeer ( 714119 )

        What I dont get is why would MS have 2 different phone platforms..

        Theres two reasons with that:

        Foremost, because MS has more then one type of customers. Kin is aimed at the younger social network junkies who want a lot of social network and multimedia stuff build in and don't really care about having an open development platform; these users likely don't have or want andriod/iphones and the Kin isn't meant to compete with those platforms. Conversely, Windows Phone 7 will be the full on development platform for power users that goes head to head with iphone/android.


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