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Submission + - The Gamebook writers who nearly invented the MMO (bit-tech.net)

mr_sifter writes: In the 1980s, gamebooks were all the rage, and most geeks have read through a Fighting Fantasy novel or two. You might even have heard of Fabled Lands, arguably the most ambitious gamebooks ever — it was planned as a series 12 books, each representing a different area of the world, and players could roam freely from book to book. It was completely non linear, and unless you died, there was no way to finish. In 1996, the authors, Dave Morris and Jamie Thompson, hooked up with game developer Eidos and started work on what would have been a ground breaking computer game version of their books — an MMO, in other words. Unfortunately, development hell awaited. This feature tells the story of the game that could have been WoW before Warcraft.
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The Gamebook writers who nearly invented the MMO

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