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Submission + - 2010 US Census Error Counting

arizwebfoot writes: I live in a Condo in Flagstaff, Arizona which is both a college town (Northern Arizona University — current enrollment about 25,000 and a resort town (big ski hill). Total population is roughly 60,000 (estimated as of course the 2010 census numbers are not out yet). Within the past decade, approximately 10 percent of rental units were converted into Condos. Roughly 33 percent of all housing units are apartments and roughly another 20 percent are condos (privately owned). My physical address is condo B9 for building B condo 9. Not be be confused, but there are 40 units in my condo complex, units 1 — 40. The first eight are in building A,the next in B and so on for five buildings. Depending on who is doing what mailing, my address is either B9, unit 9, apt 9, or just 9. Some databases don't allow for any designator except apt. So I've gotten a census form for B9, apt 9, and 9. In big bold letter on the front of the Envelope it says "YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW". Now I know I've already submitted a form, however there will be many people who will resubmit with the alternate addresses.

In Flagstaff alone, if we assume that of the 53 percent of units, 10 percent respond another two times and if my math is right, then we probably will see an additional increase in population by somewhere in the 24 percentile range. Even if my math is wrong, we will see a significant increase in population that isn't warranted. Now multiply that by the current estimated US population of 308 million (www.census.gov/) and we could have around 60 million extra bodies that don't exist.

One more problem I've uncounted is that I have a post office box. If I didn't receive mail at my condo, how would I get counted? Would this become a person to person count? What if you couldn't reach my home because it's too remote, gated, or in some other way inaccessible?

I wonder if there are "other" confusions that the Census Bureau has not taken into account. Input is strongly encouraged.
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2010 US Census Error Counting

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