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Submission + - Senate Votes to Replace Aviation Radar With GPS ( 1

plover writes: The U.S. Senate today passed by a 93-0 margin a bill that would implement the FAA's NextGen plan to replace aviation radar with GPS units. It will help pay for the upgrade by increasing aviation fuel taxes on private aircraft. It will require two inspections per year on foreign repair stations that work on U.S. planes. And it will ban pilots from using personal electronics in the cockpit. This just needs to be reconciled with the House version and is expected to soon become law. This was discussed on Slashdot a few years ago.
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Senate Votes to Replace Aviation Radar With GPS

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  • Two things: 1) The Reuters update seems to say nothing about GPS replacing radar 2) Replacing aviation radar with GPS is sheer madness, for the obvious reason of having, at any time, numerous pilots in the air who are dependent upon a system that may be brought down at any time.

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