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Submission + - Mens Rea: Video Games and Our Evil Intentions (couchcampus.com)

Phaethon360 writes: The most righteous and morally upright individual can bear only a modicum of ill intent towards even the sleaziest of video game characters and still find themselves in the murky realm of real vs interactive psychopathy. But is that sense justified? The link between right and wrong is often so gray in the real world that when painted in context of how it applies digitally, it becomes an almost hue-less blur. But do those who are inclined to play a more violent or racy title doing so because of their internal mechanisms or merely because these types of games are the most engaging?

Nick writes: "Mens Rea or “guilty mind” is defined as “the evil intent, criminal purpose, a knowledge of the wrongfulness of conduct. It is a principle that is still held true today in most developed criminal justice systems, and helps us to separate a real crime from an unfortunate accident. However, I am curious as to whether or not we as gamers commit crime with an “evil intent” in the interactive medium, and if this is a compelling motivation in our purchase and play of such games..."

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Mens Rea: Video Games and Our Evil Intentions

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