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The Internet

Submission + - Youtube thought to have no bandwidth bill (wired.com) 1

MrShaggy writes: "'Credit Suisse made headlines this summer when it estimated that YouTube was binging on bandwidth, losing Google a half a billion dollars in 2009 as it streams 75 billion videos. But a new report from Arbor Networks suggests that Google’s traffic is approaching 10 percent of the net’s traffic, and that it’s got so much fiber optic cable, it is simply trading traffic, with no payment involved, with the net’s largest ISPs.

“I think Google’s transit costs are close to zero,” said Craig Labovitz, the chief scientist for Arbor Networks and a longtime internet researcher. Arbor Networks, which sells network monitoring equipment used by about 70 percent of the net’s ISPs, likely knows more about the net’s ebbs and flows than anyone outside of the National Security Agency.

And the extraordinary fact that a website serving nearly 100 billion videos a year has no bandwidth bill means the net isn’t the network it used to be."

Read More http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2009/10/youtube-bandwidth/#ixzz0iTG7n4tC"

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Youtube thought to have no bandwidth bill

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  • it’s got so much fiber optic cable, it is simply trading traffic, with no payment involved

    I knew it! If those damn pinkos didn't win the Cold War by landgrab, they won it by technology. Soon there will be no money, only People's Barter of Motherland Goods!

    Sergey Brin thankful for leaving Russia? [wikipedia.org] Bah! He was in league with them all along!

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