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Submission + - Hotmail hacked, Account Contacts being spammed (tomshardware.com)

An anonymous reader writes: This morning I received an email (from a friend) which appeared a bit suspicious, but because this friend has a habit of being brief and not following email etiquette, I figured it was legitimate. I clicked the link and after being redirected to some sketchy/malware website, I wished I hadn't.

I contacted my friend who confirmed that he did not send the email. He mentioned that hotmail was recently hacked in February and he figured that must be part of the fallout from that.

I did a bit of googling, and it looks like a number of folks have been affected.

This seems like it could be a pretty big problem, and there doesn't seem to be much publicity on it. When twitter goes down for 5 minutes, it's headline CNN news, but somehow this event wasn't newsworthy?

We're all used to living in a world of spam, 419 scams, viagra emails, phishing attacks, etc., but this hack caught me slightly offguard, and it seems particularly dangerous because users (myself included, apparently) are inherently trusting of emails that come from (or seem to come from) a friend.

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Hotmail hacked, Account Contacts being spammed

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