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jannone writes: A small company claims to have developed a new sorting algorithm capable of processing huge amounts of 3D point could data in real-time, or at least powerful enough to generate extremely detailed real-time graphics using only a single-core CPU. This would be a departure from traditional polygon-based rendering: "Unlimited Detail is basically a point cloud search algorithm. We can build enormous worlds with huge numbers of points, then compress them down to be very small. The Unlimited Detail engine works out which direction the camera is facing and then searches the data to find only the points it needs to put on the screen it doesn’t touch any unneeded points, all it wants is 1024*768 (if that is our resolution) points, one for each pixel of the screen. It has a few tricky things to work out, like: what objects are closest to the camera, what objects cover each other, how big should an object be as it gets further back. But all of this is done by a new sort of method that we call MASS CONNECTED PROCESSING. Mass connected processing is where we have a way of processing masses of data at the same time and then applying the small changes to each part at the end.". The company expects to launch an SDK "in about 16 months".
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Rendering 3D with Unlimited Detail

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