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Submission + - Pre-erase SD Cards for Better Performance 1

Nom du Keyboard writes: I'm wondering if it is possible to pre-erase my SDHC card for my camera for better performance? At the moment in continuous shooting mode I can shoot 3 fps for the first 3 seconds in raw mode (9 images total) after which the rate drops to 1/fps until the SanDisk Extreme III goes full, or my battery goes empty. Can I improve my write speed by pre-erasing the card so that the flash memory doesn't need to perform a block erase before writing, and if so, then how? I don't believe that the Format command in the camera does this because it competes very quickly each time I use it. I'm surprised that more isn't said about erasing flash memory on file deletions for better write performance later.
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Pre-erase SD Cards for Better Performance

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  • Pretty sure flash drives don't work that way. It just writes over empty space whether it's been "erased" or not. I would guess that your camera has a buffer that fills up after 9 frames, and the speed drop has nothing to do with the SD card.

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