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Submission + - Reality of Global Warming? Learn about it where? 3

Gnissem writes: Where can a reasonably educated layperson read the pro and con evidence for global warming? Maybe even with real data that can be understood by someone who remembers their college math and physics. I'm asked all the time by friends and relatives for my opinion on global warming, and I always hesitate to answer. Yes it seems like far more 'experts' believe it is real than not, but I don't want to just parrot the words of someone else. I'd like to try to decide for myself. Everything I have read is either far too simple, or written for atmospheric scientists, or so clearly approaching the evidence with a strong pre-existing bias. Isn't there anyone who, like me, hasn't made up their mind and has reviewed and presented the evidence before coming to a conclusion?
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Reality of Global Warming? Learn about it where?

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  • Rather than point you to the sources you seek, I would offer a word of caution.
    • It is hard to get the core issues because this has become such a politically divided issue. I have yet find a site that doesn't have some sort of bias.
    • There is a great deal of hate on both sides of the debate. Because of this, the sides won't listen to each other and this leads to misunderstandings of definitions. For example, both sides of the debate generally agree that the Earth has warmed, but the AGW crowd is convinced
  • that is an EASY but also VERY TOUGH question
    easy but hard .There is a difference of opinion in the community ,and most differences are on the "small things"
    and not every one has the "same opinions " .I would start with N.O.A.A. and NASA , then go from there .
    one NASA scientist already thinks that we have " passed the point of NO return"
    others don't know . [] [] []

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