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Submission + - MS Windows 7 Law Enforcement guide on Cryptome.org (cryptome.org) 1

HongPong writes: "In a continuation of the excitement around Microsoft's confidential Law Enforcement guide hitting Cryptome.org, now several more Law Enforcement Sensitive PDFs about Windows 7 have been posted, including a lot of detailed information about examining BitLocker drive encryption and potentially cracking it: "We can also see the Recovery Key ID number" and a series of hex addresses, it says (win7-bit-spy.pdf p 67). With all the guides Cryptome has posted for PayPal, MySpace, AOL, SKype, Yahoo! & others, one can certainly get a clearer picture of implementations of government demands, but also these training manuals created by the companies clearly illuminate their own intent. Also, who else has had this information? Isn't it deceptive marketing to peddle products with such backdoors or intended weaknesses?"
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MS Windows 7 Law Enforcement guide on Cryptome.org

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  • Isn't Win7 the "Most secure Windows EVAH"?

    Well - maybe. But with all the backdoors being exposed, it won't remain that way for long.

    Maybe MS should consider their customers, rather than catering to intrusive policing?

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