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Submission + - Nokia N900 Hardware failure - USB port falling off 4

flydeep writes: Nokia's flagship device N900 is suffering a serious usb port design/manufacturing flaw. Apparently many users (~ 20% based on 450 users) are seeing their micro usb ports falling off their $540 devices, some as early as within 6 days of use. Although Nokia has acknowledged the issue in their support forums many weeks ago, their service centers are turning down customers and blaming the users mishandled their phone. This has been picked up many review sites recently, at engadget, here and, here . For a giant company trying to increase their sales in US, they are handling this issue very poorly. There are over 75+ pages discussion at where users are venting out their frustration on this issue, very disheartening to see a beautiful open source based device given this treatment. The preliminary understanding is that they are using a surface mount for the usb port and is a serious design flaw, a blog user has documented this design flaw in detail .
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Nokia N900 Hardware failure - USB port falling off

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