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Submission + - Cable Companies Restrict Olympics on Net 2

TechForensics writes: NBC won't let you see replays on the NBC site unless your cable operator
gets a cut.

In a slap in the face to all netizens who expect Cable programming
interests to be distinct from those of their ISP, visitors to the NBC
website wanting to see replays of Olympic events get the following

"You have selected a premium video (e.g. live stream or full-event
replay). Please follow the simple process below to view this free
and other GREAT PRIZES!

To begin this ONE-TIME ONLY process, please identify your HOME cable, satellite or IPTV provider.

NOTE: This is required ONLY for viewing live competition & full-event replays on during the Vancouver Games.

(List of providers)

If your cable, satellite or IPTV provider is NOT listed above, then it's not in partnership with NBC Olympics. Don't worry though, you ALREADY CAN VIEW hundreds of video clips such as athlete features and Torino highlights, and you will have access to event highlights during the Vancouver Games. Click here to watch video now."

Apparently a subscription to MSNBC or CNBC is de rigeur. That is not free if you do not have
a "premium cable package".

What's going on here? Are we to see more of this kind of thing?
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Cable Companies Restrict Olympics on Net

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  • NBC did the same with the 2008 Olympics, and restricts their Sunday Night Football to the US and Canada (or some similar set of countries, I forget exactly). They also used Silverlight for both.

    In the Football case, they use it to display the game (with multiple angles), a chat board thing, and TV-style ads. The game can be "rewound", either for instant replay or to go way back to the first quarter. I'm pretty sure this could be done with (video|object) and AJAXy code, but hey, whatever ruffles their pea

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