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Submission + - SPAM: SEO 101 for Your Website

rotmanz writes: Good news! Your new website is prim and prime for search engine optimization. Search engines work best with HTML, which is exactly the code your website uses, so you're already a few steps ahead of the game. This article is best implemented for small to medium sized websites. Larger websites will usually need to implement much more intricate campaigns and their webmasters will have different resources in any case, so we will just ignore them for now. So here is some information on how you can promote your website:

1. Creating a good title and description. These are called meta tags and can be seen in the source of your website. The third meta tag, the keyword meta is no longer relevant for indexing for the main search engines Google and Yahoo. Your title should be up to 60-70 characters (anything longer than that will be cut off) while the descriptions should be no longer than 155 characters (this includes spacing). Anything longer than that will be cut off with three dots. The descriptions will typically appear in search results, so take some time to write something marketing oriented, something that will draw visitors to your website and make them click on your link rather than the competitors.

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SEO 101 for Your Website

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