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Submission + - School Astronomy Observation List Wanted 1

IceDiver writes: I am a teacher in a small rural school. My Grade 9 students are doing a unit on astronomy this spring. I have access to a 4" telescope, and would like to give my students a chance to use it. We will probably only be able to attempt observations on a couple of nights because of weather and time restrictions. I am as new to telescope use as my students, so I have no idea what objects would look good through a 4" lens. What observations should I attempt to have my students make? In other words, how can I make best use of my limited equipment and time to give my students the best experience possible?
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School Astronomy Observation List Wanted

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  • The Galilean moons have already been mentioned, but two things that I think are key to talk about in the context of viewing them are: a)The idea of Galileo seeing them, and what it meant. To me this leads into a sense of discovery. b) The motion of the moons. With a 4" scope they will just look like stars, but they move fast, quite fast enough to notice over a 5-minute period. For me, something about the fact that you can watch something out there orbiting something else, in real time*, is really compel

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