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Submission + - 1 kW fuel cell runs on most fuels (

An anonymous reader writes: The objective of Cleveland-based Technology Management Incorporated, Inc.'s 1 kW modular fuel cell has been to make the technology more accessible to the little guy and in low density markets, which puts them in rural and remote areas of the world. Hence they intentionally engineered their cells to run on a wide range of indigenous fuels. Their module can run on fuels including methane, syngas, propane, ethanol, digester biogas, JP-8 kerosene, diesel, ammonia, vegetable oils, used cooking oil, corn oil, soybean oil, biodiesel and jatropha — without modification of the system from one fuel to the next. Hence, TMI plans to market this distributed energy solution to the developing world where they don't have power, enabling them to grow their own. Each 1 kW system is small enough and light enough to be handled by one person.
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1 kW fuel cell runs on most fuels

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