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Submission + - Anonymous complaint closes FB page for indie movie (iltalehti.fi)

Flambergius writes: Today (Feb 2) Facebook closed http://www.facebook.com/IronSky, the page for Iron Sky (http://www.ironsky.net) an upcoming independent science fiction comedy by the Finnish film-makers Energia Productions, the makers of Star Wreck. The film-makers were given no warning or reason for the action. However, it's fairly safe to assume that reason of the anonymous complaint is somehow related to the fact that Iron Sky, set in the year 2018, is a comedy about a Nazi invasion from the Moon. While an independent movie, Iron Sky is a serious venture with a budget over a million dollars. Furthermore, Energia Productions have been extremely active in using internet and social media for marketing and communication with their fan base, to the extend that the previous movie, Star Wreck, was made with the active help from the community. FB is very important tool for film-makers like Energia Productions, but the abruptness of FB's action and the lack of clear process for seeking a remedy raises serious questions.
The issue has not hit the English-language media yet, but the major Finnish daily Iltasanomat reports the incident (in Finnish): http://www.iltalehti.fi/digi/2010020211041979_du.shtml . The film-makers blog http://www.ironsky.net/site/#blog and press releases http://www.ironsky.net/site/press/ have their side of the story.

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Anonymous complaint closes FB page for indie movie

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