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Submission + - Activity Recomendations for School Computer Club? 2

joshuaos writes: So when I was a kid, I got into computers through a middle school computer club. Well, my daughter is five now, and in a very small school (less than 20 kids) and I have decided to provide what I do know for these kids, and start an after school computer club! The kids will range in age from about five to thirteen, with maybe the occasional adult participating, and I was hoping this here slashdot community could give some activity suggestions. What I remember most from computer club was Doom2 and Descent, so I figured I'd start with some network games. I don't even know what games are big these days, I'm not much into games. Maybe get some usb drives and put a pre-configured OS on them to make customizing easier, but I should have nearly free rein. Bring on the ideas! :)
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Activity Recomendations for School Computer Club?

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  • Playing games doesn't seem like a particularly lofty goal for the computer club - what about teaching them to make their own games (plenty of easy-to-use game authoring software out there), make their own web pages, or just learn the basics of programming through something like Lego Mindstorms (budget-dependent, of course).

    • I figured that games would be just a good start, and the kids that s how interest in more, I can work with. :)

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