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Submission + - How Can We Help the People of Iran?

Rabbins writes: February 11, 2010 (22 Bahman) will be the next full-scale demonstration in Iran. Ironically, this is the 31st Anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The Islamic Regime controls all media in Iran, and the people's stories are being silenced. Millions took to the streets to protest the regime during the June elections as well as Ashura in December... but the only official news footage out of Iran was a few thousand pro-regime demonstraters burning Emerican flags and chanting "Death to USA and Israel".

Following the 1979 Islamic Revolution, contraceptives were banned and the legal marrying age for women went from 17 to 12. Currently, 50% of the population is under 25 and almost 2/3 of the population is under 35. The 1979 Islamic Revolution literally gave birth to its own end. These people protesting are well-educated and "wired" — The internet will prove to be the death knell of the Islamic Regime, as the information out there directly contradicts what they are being told by the State-Owned Media in Iran.

They are armed with only stones and cell phones, and their story is only told by bypassing the Regime's crackdown on the internet to and from Iran.

The Regime is stating daily and nightly on Iran TV they will not show any more mercy to demonstrators, and that anyone taking part is committing war against god and will be sentenced to death.,2933,581447,00.html

With foreign journalists kicked out of the country or detained, we can help by spreading awareness. Let the worldwide media know we care about the Iranians on the streets.
Use search engines for words on "Iran", and "Green Movement". View and rate YouTube videos filled with the images coming out of Iran:

Let the Regime know the World is watching! Spreading awareness will be so important. — for news and updates — how to help — a timeline of the events

What else can we do to help?

My hope is this community can help in areas I am not strong in. I know several have set up free VPNs and anonymous proxy servers for Iranians to use, but will that help if traffic is closed off to Iran? I fear the crackdown will be even more heavy-handed than previously:

IranMap: "The aim is to help spread awareness of events in Iran by putting all the disjointed pieces of information into a package that allows readers to see all the events that are happening in iran in context. In addition, by collating all these data, we are allowing ourselves to potentially spot any pattern of attacks that may be happening to innocent Iranians. Thus it providers us with actionable intelligence that may save lives. On the other hand, it would allow us to disseminate group-moderated information about protest gatherings, strikes and other actions in Iran to allow Iranians to better coordinate with each other."

I am hoping the Slashdot community can get behind the Iranians taking their call to freedom to the streets and fighting a regime that has crippled them for more than thirty years!
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How Can We Help the People of Iran?

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