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Google's decision about China was very personal

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  • And there is one comment on that article claiming that it was immature for doing this, and linked to a blog post [] claiming that "Remember, you are doing a business, not even trying to change the world to Google.". And some claim that it was done for PR reasons!
  • Sergey Brin is one of the two idealistic "Do no evil" founders of Google who co-developed the early Pagerank code, while Eric Schmidt is the accounting person brought on board once things took off to look after the finances and is no doubt responsible for their massively successful IPO. Is it any surprise at all that the idealist takes the moral route while the accountant takes the more profitable?
    • by yuhong ( 1378501 )
      Eric Schmidt is an accounting person?
      • by Zocalo ( 252965 )
        By profession, or by recent career history? He might have been an engineer initially, and a very accomplished one at that, but I think that has mostly taken a back seat to business management and corporate direction since his move to Novell. Not specifically an accountant per se, but more someone who realises that as a CEO in a publicly traded company his primary responsibility is supposed to lie with the shareholders, regardless of what else he might personally think of a course of action.

        If there was

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