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Submission + - Japanese Made Medium for Sharing Comments on DVDs (examiner.com)

JoshuaInNippon writes: Popular Japanese video sharing site NicoNicoDouga(9) has launched a new service which allows anyone who understands the language to share written comments with each other within DVDs. As with other NicoNico's video sharing site, comments made on DVDs can be set to scroll strangely across the video screen in the site's characteristic style. However, since comments are timed within videos, one must manually match up the start of program with the start of the DVD. The service is currently only available to a limited number of titles (which happens to include "idol" videos). For those curious about what sort of comments people are posting while watching DVDs for others to read later, one available movie title which already has a number comments (in Japanese) include: "0:13:25 The flying scene is awesome, isn't it?" "0:25:22 Tits!" and "1:56:55 It's over."
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Japanese Made Medium for Sharing Comments on DVDs

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