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Submission + - France threatens music majors for catalog release ( writes: "French President N. Sarkozy asks for the majors to release their catalog to all platforms of music downloading.
The majors have fought against this proposal suggested by a government commission. They didn't expect such requirement during the president's 2010 wishes. Universal COE was standing KO as he thought that his lobbying has been successful.

Translation of the last part:
N. Sarkozy gives a year to the majors so they can negotiate rights and "liberate" their music files on all platforms. Failure to do so, they will have to "bargain rights under the law of compulsory collective management through civil societies," he said. For the majors, it's everything they hate! Because a civil society distribute revenues without necessarily benefit producers at the expense of the authors ...
The President went even further by launching the idea of a unique gateway reference all the catalogs and music videos. "Do not complain that others do better than us, if we do not give us the means to do as well as they do," he said. If Sarkozy does not falter, it announced that the time of the omnipotence of American portals on cultural content may be gone soon ..."

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France threatens music majors for catalog release

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