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Submission + - Google's Islam Censor (atheists.org) 5

codewarren writes: Google (US and UK at least) appear to be censoring suggestions for searches starting with "Islam Is". Go to Google, try typing "Christianity is" and seeing the suggestions of a lie, bullshit, false, etc... Try Hinduism, Judaism, etc... similar. Then try "Islam is" and there are absolutely no suggestions.
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Google's Islam Censor

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  • Works just fine.

    It is odd, but it would be a pretty weak censor if that removed "Islam is" but not "Muslim is"...


    • You'd be a pretty weak English speaker if you said "Muslim is"...
      • by RingDev ( 879105 )

        I would agree. But I would venture a guess that most American's fail to grasp the difference between the words "Muslim" and "Islam". Hell, most American's can't find Iraq and Afghanistan on a map. If they didn't manage to finish 6th grade geography it's unlikely that they are reading at a 6th grade level. And seeing as how Google's auto complete is based on other individuals' searches, I'm pretty sure that is the problem.


  • There are many, many reasons why typing "Islam is" into Google's search would produce no Search Suggestions. And, there are many, many search strings that seem obvious that, when can typed into Google's search, produce no Suggestions. Try typing "Canadians are" or "Americans are" for just two examples. The source article is written rather flamboyantly, and apparently no attempt was made to contact Google for comment. That makes this whole discussion at best uninformed drivel.

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