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wilsone8 writes: The New York Times includes an op-ed today arguing for 'Search Neutrality': "Today, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft's new Bing have become the Internet's gatekeepers, and the crucial role they play in directing users to Web sites means they are now as essential a component of its infrastructure as the physical network itself. The F.C.C. needs to look beyond network neutrality and include 'search neutrality': the principle that search engines should have no editorial policies other than that their results be comprehensive, impartial and based solely on relevance.
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The Need for Search Neutrality

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  • The issue with network neutrality is that the network providers tend to have been granted monopolies by the local government, and so don't have to worry about providing a competitive service. Search engines however, do need to provide useful results, because if they don't the searchers will just go use a different engine to find what they want.

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