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Submission + - EPIC Takes Fight to Facebook Over Privacy (technewsworld.com)

ScuttleMonkey writes: "Several readers have pointed out the fact that the privacy group "Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)," has taken the fight to Facebook in a recent complaint filed with the FTC. Calling the recent privacy changes to Facebook "unfair" and "deceptive", EPIC's main complaints stem from the fact that personal information has become more available by default, especially to third-party developers. "'Facebook chose to change everyone's privacy settings, and it's clear from users, bloggers, security experts and others that it really was unfair and misleading,' EPIC's Rotenberg said. 'What we found was that through this transition, Facebook had nudged the settings toward further disclosure.' Facebook had said that its transition process would preserve any current settings, 'but they didn't show you what those were,' Rotenberg noted. Furthermore, 'the only option if you changed your current settings was to make information more widely available.' We're not happy about where things are,' he concluded. 'Facebook can't ignore the 100 million U.S. consumers who are generally unhappy with these changes.'""
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EPIC Takes Fight to Facebook Over Privacy

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