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Submission + - T-rays used to see through opaque material. (physorg.com) 2

dumuzi writes: T-rays may make X-rays obsolete as a means of detecting bombs on terrorists or illegal drugs on traffickers, among other uses, contends a Texas A&M physicist who is helping lay the theoretical groundwork to make the concept a reality. In addition to being more revealing than X-rays in some situations, T-rays do not have the cumulative possible harmful effects." Alexey Belyanin focuses his research on terahertz, otherwise known as THz or T-rays, which he says is the most under-developed and under-used part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It lies between microwave radiation and infrared (heat) radiation.

"THz radiation can penetrate through opaque dry materials. It is harmless and can be used to scan humans," Belyanin says. "Unfortunately, until recently the progress in THz technology has been hampered by a lack of suitable sources and detectors.""The highlight of our results is observations of interference of magnetoplasmons. By tiny changes in the applied magnetic field or temperature, we can make plasma waves amplify or cancel each other. This makes the whole sample either completely opaque or transparent to the incident THz radiation.

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T-rays used to see through opaque material.

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  • I don't know how many people I've given cancer to with my X-ray specs.

  • I hope that T-rays are as harmless as this guy's suggesting. It would be an amazing alternative to harmful X-rays for many uses, particularly in the medical field.
    I think, besides countless patients, the radiologists who currently perform X-ray services would be one of the the largest groups to benefit from this type of technology.

    And, yes, I do understand that in the medical field the biggest benefactors are not the doctors, nurses, or patients. Those are simply the ones who will benefit the most in

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